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Wednesday, July 22, 8:17 a.m.

Light rain and fog.

Unidentified man in navy suit jumps out of idling Prius, which is parked sideways in narrow passage of St. John Street lot.  Man looks around, removes one of three dark green sawhorses erected to a) protect grass and b) ensure access to large dumpster. Man wedges Prius into spot, parking on grass immediately in front of green dumpster.

Brad Woodside, wearing a tie

Brad Woodside, wearing a tie

I confess to not understanding the purpose of men’s ties. They occasionally give a little flash an otherwise boring uniform, sure, but other than that, what do they DO? Catch soup? Be hideously expensive? Get caught in doors? Make most men look downright uncomfortable on summer days?

This is why I am applauding Fredericton Mayor Brad Woodside’s twitter campaign to eliminate the need for ties in business attire.

On Monday he tweeted:

“Happy Monday. Why do men wear ties. Do men have to wear ties. I don’t like ties and I am not wearing one today to protest. It’ll be peaceful.”

On Tuesday, he tweeted:

“Gave a speech today and had a number of meetings No tie No problem We can change the world one person at a time You don’t have to tie one on.”

Brad Woodside is well-known for being a pretty cool guy. He’s on his seventh term as mayor of our little town and that alone should give him the right to decide what goes around his neck. I don’t think he needs to wear one if he doesn’t want to. Nobody should have to. I like bowties. I also like those little cravats, when the occasion calls for it. Maybe a scarf casually tossed over one shoulder. I also happen to believe that an open collar shirt and jacket, a v or crew-neck sweater or shirt are perfectly acceptable menswear for the office or public events. After all, what’s above your neck is ultimately more important than what’s around it.

A colleague just sent this to me. Interesting piece in about top Canadian CEOs who twitter. Piece features Fredericton’s Marcel LeBrun, CEO of Radian6 who says Twitter is indispensable tool because, “Your brand is now the sum of conversations about it, which makes “listening” such a critical discipline for every company. We also practice what I call “listening for the point of need” where we pay attention to questions or expressed needs where we can add value and be helpful.”

Marcel Lebrun, CEO of Radian6

Marcel Lebrun, CEO of Radian6

It appears I have become a blogger. Only a matter of time before I start hanging around scrums and getting myself banned from the legislature grounds in Fredericton. This is most unintentional. It’s a requirement of a course I am enrolled in so please forgive the intrusion on your airspace. I’ll try to be clever. I’ll also try not to write about my cute child too often. I would like one of those hats and snappy embroidered vests that seem to be the fashion among hip bloggers in New Brunswick’s capital city. If anyone knows where to get one please let me know.

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