AAAAAvl8s2oAAAAAABzlDALovely Husband weighed in on the subject of parenting on his blog, The Mysterious East today, suggesting the tide is shifting in many families toward a more equitable sharing of domestic duties.

Now I know lots of men who say they do an equal share of the grubby work of parenting (bum and nose wiping, laundry folding-and-putting-away, everyday cooking – and not just on the grill – bathroom scrubbing and grocery buying) and even more women who say they just do a better job of those things than their husbands ever could.  

I am grateful for our own, let’s call it “flexible” arrangement, where everything seems to gets done eventually and we don’t worry too much about who does it on what day. Oh yes, and we have a cleaning service every two weeks, which helps smooth things beautifully.