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I love Matt Bai. For anyone who doesn’t know (and I didn’t until a few months ago) he covers politics for the New York Times.  His writing is both clever and funny and he has considerable insight and depth on what’s going on down there in Obamaville.  On Sunday, he wrote about Washington’s current love affair with Twitter, explaining how politicians of all stripes are providing moment-by-moment updates on their travel plans and coffee consumption. He says this is boring, and doesn’t serve democracy.  He says most people are tired of the often meaningless brevity of comments that show up on what has become our endless news cycle. Despite my own mad crush on twitter and tweeting, I think Matt’s probably right on this one.


It appears I have become a blogger. Only a matter of time before I start hanging around scrums and getting myself banned from the legislature grounds in Fredericton. This is most unintentional. It’s a requirement of a course I am enrolled in so please forgive the intrusion on your airspace. I’ll try to be clever. I’ll also try not to write about my cute child too often. I would like one of those hats and snappy embroidered vests that seem to be the fashion among hip bloggers in New Brunswick’s capital city. If anyone knows where to get one please let me know.

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  • throwing my grammaaa a party today cant wait to dee the surprisment in her little face :) it makes me excitied evertime i see shes 99 now 5 years ago
  • genuine people dont come around often.If you find somebody real,enough to stay true,keep them close. 5 years ago